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What is a doula?
Services and Fees
Services and Fees
A doula offers physical, emotional, and informational support to women during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. Here is a
brief outline of the services you will receive if you choose me as your doula. Please feel free to call me with any questions. I would be
happy to discuss your upcoming birth with you.  

No Obligation Interview
We can meet in person or over the phone so we can discuss my services and your needs. You are free to ask me any questions. I
suggest you interview several doulas so you can decide which one you are most comfortable with.

Up to 3 Prenatal Visits
During this time we will discuss your upcoming labor, birth, and postpartum concerns. We will get to know each other a little better. We
should practice some labor positions so you feel comfortalbe with them. And we can do some massage to relax you. I can also provide
you with informational support about any hospital procedures you may have questions about, and I can direct you to community
resources such as childbirth classes, link. These appointments are all about you and we can do anything from talking to practicing labor

Prenatal Phone Consultations
I welcome your call anytime. Feel free to call me to talk about your concerns or feelings. I am here to listen. After 37 weeks please call
after your weekly doctor appointments and give me updates so I am aware of your condition.

On Call 24/7 starting two weeks before due date
I will be ready at a moments notice for your labor.

Continuous Labor and Birth Support
Once I arrive at the hospital, birthing center, or home I will be available to you through your entire labor. As doctors and nurses come and
go I will not unless you need some private time. And this is fine too! I will also be able to stay at least a couple of hours after your birth.

Breastfeeding Support
I can give you breastfeeding tips and help you get started. I can also refer you to resources so you have all available information in case
you encounter problems or have questions. If you experience problems that I can not help with I will refer you to someone who can.

Infant Care Information
I can answer questions about infant care. I can help you feel more comfortable with your infant at home. I am happy to assist you and
guide you to other resources that can help.

Up to 3 Post Partum Visits
During these visits I just want to make sure you are content with your new situation. I'm available for questions, comments, and support.
When I come to visit we can discuss your birth and any concerns you have about your baby. I can also give you a hand with the baby or
with a few house chores while I'm there.

Postpartum Phone Consultations
These are similar to your prenatal phone consultations. Call anytime when you are feeling great or feeling blue. I'm here to chat and offer
support and information to you.

Announcement Web Page
I can create a web page with your birth story (that you or myself can write), pictures, hospital info, or any other text you want.  I can have
this up within 24 hours of your birth and e-mail the link to your friends and family.

My Fees:  Fees are $500*.  A $50 deposit is due when you book your due date. $200 is due by our first prenatal visit. $250 is due two
weeks before your baby is due.  You can pay with cash, check, money order, or credit card through Paypal.

*If you can not afford these fees I can direct you to an agency that may be able to help you get a free doula. Please contact me for more information.