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Alicia Montgomery
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About Me
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My Philosophy

My interest in childbirth was immediate after I brought my first child into the world.  After that for years I told my own birth story
and listened to and read about stories of others.  It was seven years before I gave birth to my second child.  That is when my
interest became my passion and I decided to become a doula.

As I listened to, experienced, and witnessed births prior to becoming a doula it amazed me how each woman’s journey could
be so different. At the same time most families were very satisfied.  This not only taught me to appreciate the uniqueness of
every birth but also allowed me to learn about ways to birth that I didn’t understand previously.  
With what I felt was a wealth of information about how to labor and give birth I decided to attend doula training.  And it humbled
me to hear my instructors talk about the midwifery model of maternity care.  Most of my knowledge was based on hospital
birthing under the care of a doctor.  But there was a whole other beautiful world out there.

Now that I have attended births at home and births at the hospital I can truly say that both environments are amazing because
the women and families I have attended are amazing.  The strength that emerges from women when they labor is magical.  I
learn something new with each experience.  And so I enter with enthusiasm every time.  My intention is to bring calm, joy, and
appreciation to birth.

About Me

After spending my whole young life in Florida, in 2003 I moved to Pittsburgh with my husband and our son and completed my
bachelor degree while my husband finished his MBA.  I majored in History and Economics and graduated Summa Cum
Laude.  In 2005 my family moved to Michigan after my husband received a job offer from Ford Motor Co.  In 2006 I attended
doula training with Patty Brennan at the
Center for the Childbearing Year and in 2007 I became a DONA certified doula.  In
2008 I attended training to become a
Birthing From Within childbirth mentor, receive.  Both experiences were amazing and I am so
grateful to the wonderful women who taught them.  I am now happily married with three boys born in 1997, 2005, and 2007.  I
stay at home with my kids and raise them with all the love and care that I have.  Being a doula  and childbirth mentor is not a
career to me but a way of life.
 I am currently studying herbs under Jim McDonald of Oakland County.

i currently accept private doula clients and mentor classes.  I also volunteer my services to economically challenged families
through the Center for the Childbearing Year in Ann Arbor.


Alicia Montgomery
Birthing From Within Mentor
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