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Alicia Montgomery
Birthing From Within Mentor

Birth's Journey
Giving birth is an awesome experience. Your little baby has
spent over nine months growing from just one cell into a
beautiful human being. He absorbed the nutrition your body
provided and developed his heart, his brain, his organs, his
gorgeous eyes, and his tiny toes.  He spent time in his warm
protective home by listening to your voice, looking at his body
parts, and poking at yours.

When it is time for him to be born his body releases a
hormone that causes your body to begin labor. It may start
slowly or it may come on quickly. You become excited as you
realize a new person is about
to enter your life. In the coming hours you will work very hard.
You will have the opportunity to cooperate with your body's natural
contractions to push your baby through the birth canal and into
your arms.

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Birth and the months before and after are a unique period in life that you will never forget, wonder.  Your baby is not the only one growing!  You are going through a transformation into motherhood and your husband is coming into fatherhood.Even with a
second, third, fourth pregnancy you are discovering how to be a Mom again to a new person.  As these times are wonderful they can
also be overwhelming for you and your family.

That is where the role of your Birth Doula fits in. She recognizes birth as natural and wonderful. She understands the emotions it
brings. She can soothe your anxieties with her gentle touch, her open arms, and her kind heart. She will bring you encouragement
in your toughest moments. Through the childbearing time she will provide the support you and your family need to emerge happy,
healthy, and comfortable.
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Gentle Guidance
As a doula I am not a coach but
someone who intends to
enhance your experience by
offering you my energy,
experience, and caring.  I am
honored to  be a witness.
Not my wisdom but your own.
 I believe all of us have an
instinctual knowing inside
that can bring us  to birth our
children.  Some of this art
has been lost   in todays
technological age.  I hope to
remind your body of its
natural abilities.
Loving hands, thoughtful
support, and a caring
shoulder are some of the
most basic but important
things I bring you not only in
labor but also during our
entire relationship.
Learning about your body, its
responses and limits is an
amazing experience during
childbirth.  I aim to  hold this open
space for you so your are
comfortable exploring your
Labor is hard work and under
normal circumstances your
body is capable of every
minute  of it.  The right
amount of encouragement
can bring you through those
moments of doubt that you
might encounter.