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Mothering is love. Mothering is intuition. Mothering is beautiful. Mothering is gentle. Mothering is spiritual. Mothering is nature.
Mothering is patience. Mothering is hard work. Mothering is resourceful. Mothering is careful. Mothering is creative.
Mothering is a rite of passage. Mothering begins in the womb.
I am not currently accepting
clients for doula work or
classes since I have a baby
due in April 2010.  I will update
this site as soon as I begin to
offer services again!
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Thanks to the
men and women who allowed me to use their pictures on my site.
Hello and Welcome!  My name is Alicia Montgomery.  I am a certified DONA (Doulas of
North America) birth doula in Southeast Michigan.  I offer
Doula Care for clients giving
birth in hospitals, homes, and birth centers.  I am also a
Birthing From Within Childbirth
Mentor/Educator and I offer birthing classes year round.

As I grow as a woman and as a birth professional I find my role as a doula and
grows as well.  I have a strong belief that every birth is a
rite of passage for women and
men. We all have many things to gain in our souls from a gentle birthing and mothering

My approach with couples in my classes and with my doula care is
holistic.  We explore
strength and wisdom you already hold as parents.  We prepare emotionally and
spiritually for birth and examine hopes and fears.  

I think the most important value a woman can walk into birth with is
trust.  When I'm
working with you in any capacity this is something important we are working toward.  

At a birth I offer
mothering, gentle guidance, encouragement, and experience.  I hold a
space for you to
discover what your body can do, what love you have for this baby, and
how both of you work together in birth.  

All women have an instinctual
knowing about birthing and mothering.  I feel honored to
be present for these times in men and women's lives when they become parents.