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Alicia Montgomery
Birthing From Within Mentor

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Extraordinary Childbirth Preparation Classes
Birthing from Within childbirth preparation classes are different from standard childbirth education courses.  They concentrate
not only on the physiological aspects of labor but also help you discover the elemental knowledge that will bring you through
your childbearing journey.  They prepare you to give birth spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically in awareness by:
Validating the innate wisdom that you already hold
Motivating you toward solutions
Educating with practical information and discussion
Initiating you into the passage of parenthood
Celebrating your unique journey with acceptance
Birthing From Within Classes are not an outcome focused approach.  Parents will have an inviting place to examine many
options for birthing.  Their opinions and decisions will be respected.  As a Mentor I will try to guide parents toward their own
knowing and not to mine.  The ways in which we will experience these classes together will be through
stimulating discussion,
videos, birth art, visualization, games, pain coping techniques, and more
.  Each class will be tailored to the needs of the current
participants.  You are meant to feel at home in my classes.  I look forward to learning as much from you as you will from me.
It is important to me that I have time to focus on each parent in my classes.  Class sizes will be limited to 5 couples.
Topics that will be discussed are here but not limited to these: Birth Culture, Understanding Labor physiologically and
psychologically, Positioning for Labor, Wise and Compassionate use of drugs and epidurals, pain coping techniques,
complications, breastfeeding, postpartum adjustment, bonding with baby, and whatever else you all cook up in our class!

Everyone learns differently in these classes.  Some people are quite interactive and others are quiet.  I welcome you no matter
who you are.  I'm excited to meet you!  
Please see my class schedule and prices under classes.  Feel free to
register online.  If you have any questions please contact me anytime.
It is not important that you've read Birthing From Within to take these classes.
Call me anytime with questions:

Alicia Montgomery
Visit Pam Englands Birthing From Within site to learn more about her inspiration and thoughts.
Maybe you have read Pam
England's bestselling book
Birthing From Within.  She is
a Certified Nurse Midwife and
psychologist who after many
years of delivering babies
was humbled by her own
unplanned Cesarean Birth.  
Her journey through eight
years of emotional
exploration about "how" and
"why" brought her to design
childbirth, request preparation classes
that allowed parents to
explore birth from their own
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